Color Picker

Last updated on June 9, 2022

Use this tool if you want to change the color of your drawing tool to any existing color from the scene (including Reference Images)

This tool is very useful when designing with a wide range of color and material combinations. WHen using Color Wheel for changing colors there are 10 memorized combinations that help you switch between different combinations. As you add new ones the earliest will be deleted. With Color Picker in Tool Belt you can pick any of the combinations previously used on object, directly from the objects in the scene.

Access and Use

  1. Activate the Tool Belt
  1. Grab and hold the Color Picker
  1. Intersect the Color Picker with the object and pull the front trigger. This will fill the Color Picker with the color of the existing object and the color will be applied to further drawing
Selecting colors with Color Picker will automatically change the color of the Paint Brush tool in the Tool Belt, which you can then use to change the color of the objects.
Color Picker is also part of the Color Wheel feature on your drawing hand controller.
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