How do I Import and Export files?

Last updated on May 5, 2022


You can import 3D files:

  1. Locally: by uploading them to your device while connected to your PC (drop them in: This PC\MTP USB Device\Internal shared storage\Gravity Sketch\Import Library). As you will be able to see inside the folder, every .obj file should have its separate folder.
  1. Via Cloud: by uploading them to LandingPad. Upload (drop) the files to your account on
To learn more about what file formats you can import and export, check What File Formats Does Gravity Sketch VR Support?

Where do I access my files once I imported them?

Once imported, you can access your 3D models in Prefabs or in the File Manager (grs files).


To export a 3D file from Gravity Sketch VR follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Menu and select Export.
  1. Select the file format (OBJ, FBX or IGES) and preferred settings.
  1. Finally, select the blue check mark on the right to export.
    1. Notion image
You can also export your files with LandingPad Cloud Export feature. Learn more about Cloud Export here.

Where do I access my files once I exported them?

This depends on your Saving settings at the bottom of the interface panel.

Notion image
  • If saving locally your exported sketch will be stored on your headset and you can access it in the Gravity Sketch folder on your PC (inside the Exported Sketches folder).
Make sure your headset is connected to your PC when accessing files locally.
  • If you are saving to Cloud, your sketch will be exported to your LandingPad and you can access it by logging in to your account on
Your exported files won’t be accessible in File Manager in VR. If you wish to use and access the 3D model you created in other sketches, we advise you to make them a Prefab. This way you can always access it in the Prefabs.

Importing capabilities to other 3D applications

The following table shows the importing capabilities for the OBJ, FBX and IGES file formats in most commonly used 3D applications.

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