Measurement Tool

Last updated on April 3, 2022


With Measurement Tool you can draw accurate readouts of measurements in the space.

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Access and Use

Measurement Tool is located in Primitive Objects Panel. To access it, press the Blue Menu button > Primitive Objects > Measure.

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When the Measurement Tool is selected, all the primitives will turn grey. You won’t be able to use any primitives before you deselect the Measurement tool.

To use the Measurements Tool pull the front trigger on the drawing hand controller (as if you were to draw) and move the controller to draw out the measurement.


Measurements are treated as any other objects in Gravity Sketch, meaning you can grab and edit them by pressing the Edit button on your non-drawing hand controller.

You can move the location of the numerical value and you can move the endpoints of the measurement as well.

As you move the points the measurements the measurements will update in real time.

Scaling measurements will also update the measurements in real time.


You can use the snap function to snap the end points to other objects/splines or points.

VR Tutorial file

You can find in-depth tutorial on the Measurement tool in the tutorial file which has everything broken down, step by step.

To access it, go to Lobby > Gallery > Measurement Tool Walkthrough

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