Last updated on March 29, 2022


Gravity Sketch offers a variety of preference options to support usability needs.

Open and Set Preferences

To set the preferences simply press the Blue Menu Button > Settings > Preferences and switch the toggle buttons to your preferred.

Preferences Panel

Notion image

A. Scale Snap: Snap to common values when you scale the scene.

B. Input Smoothing: Set drawing input smoothness. There are less control points for smoother input.

C. Controller Visibility: Choose between 3 controller styles.

D. Haptics: Choose the amount of haptic feedback from the controllers (vibration).

E. High Quality (tethered headsets only): Enable or turn off Ambient Occlusion. When enabled it will provide more realistic ambient lighting.

F. Comfort Level: Choose Smooth or Blink Move comfort level. This applies when moving around the sketch with Teleporter (Banana) or between Viewpoints.

G. Ghost Move: When enabled, moving objects will leave behind a ghost to show where it started.

H. Return after Copy: Objects return to their original position after duplication.

I. Handedness: Switch to Left or Right handed.

J. Readout Unit: Choose between Metric and Imperial units.

K. Tooltips: Show hint text popups when you hover on interactive buttons and sliders.

L. Video Tips: When enabled Videos Tips will appear enable or turn off Video Tips.

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