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Last updated on June 16, 2022

To get to the Save & Export Options click the Blue Menu button on your non-drawing hand and select Save & Export (Floppy Disk Icon).

Here you can Save and Export your files, set your Saving Settings, and access the Screenshot feature to take screenshots.

Save & Export Panel

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A. Sketch Thumbnail: Select the camera icon to create a custom thumbnail. Once the camera opens select the blue button to capture a new image that will be set as a new thumbnail.

B. Sketch Name: Displays current project name.

C. New Sketch: Start a new sketch.

D. Save Sketch: Save a sketch.

E. Save As: Save a new version of a current sketch.

F. Export: Export your work in OBJ, FBX or IGES format.

G. Take Screenshot: Take screenshots or instant photos within the sketch.

H. Preference Profile: Access saved preference profiles.

I. Report an Issue: Click to report an issue you are experiencing in Gravity Sketch VR (also available in Quick Tool access).

J. Saving Settings: Toggle default storage.

K. Exit to Lobby: Selecting the door icon will take you back to the Lobby (also available in Quick Tool access).

Saving Settings

In Gravity Sketch VR you can Save and Export your sketches and screenshots to the Cloud or Locally to your Device/PC.

Use the slider on the bottom of the interface to choose where to save your files and screenshots.

According to your Saving Settings you will be able to access your files on your PC (if Saving on Local) or in your LandingPad account on (if saving on Cloud).
Note: When saving and exporting your files to Cloud you can specify the location you would like your file to be saved/exported to. This is currently not possible when saving/exporting your files Locally.

Save / Save As

When Saving your sketches in Gravity Sketch there are two options available: Save Sketch and Save As.


Save Sketch button will save your sketch incrementally. When Saving the sketch for the first time you will be able to specify the saving location. Every next saving with Save Sketch button will override the data of the existing file version.


Save As button allows you to create a new version of a file or to create an entirely new file.

To do that: Select the Save As button, specify the saving location, select the name and click the blue check mark.

Sketches will be saved as GRS files.


You can export your sketch in a different file format (OBJ, FBX and IGES) for other uses directly from Gravity Sketch VR. Choose file type and settings then press blue check mark.

Note: When exporting to the FBX format on standalone Oculus Quest or Quest 2, you will need to export to Cloud.
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A. File Type: Choose a 3D file format.

Note: FBX files can only be exported to Cloud so make sure you are saving on Cloud (toggle Save on Cloud).

B. Model Unit: Select the default unit scale. Gravity Sketch geometries are created in meters as default.

C. Up Axis & Mirror plane: Set vertical axis and side-view plane for other software. File created in Gravity Sketch uses Y axis as default.

D. Advanced Options: Select advanced options for each export.

E. Re-centre: Click to re-centre your model to the origin.

F. Confirm: Export the current sketch with chosen settings.

G. Precise Movement tool

Exported OBJ files will be compressed in ZIP with relevant files.
Read more about what file types and export settings to use for different workflows here.

Video Tutorial

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