Last updated on May 17, 2022

Separate tool is one of the SubD tools which you can use to separate faces of an object.

Access and Use

Separate tool is accessible in the SubD tools menu:

1. Grab a SubD object and press the Blue button on your non-drawing hand controller.

2. Press and hold a thumbstick on your drawing hand controller

3. Pick the Separate tool (red circle with arrows)

4. Once you’ve selected the Separate tool, select faces of the object you want to separate by pressing the front trigger on your drawing hand controller. If you want to select more than one face at the same time, press and hold the front trigger and hover over the faces to highlight them

5. Press blue tick on your non-drawing hand to finalize the separation


Size of the Selection tool

To change the size of the Selection circle move the thumbstick on your drawing hand up (to increase it) or down (to decrease it).

Undo selection

Use History/Undo button to undo the selection.

Cancel separate

Change to another SubD tool will cancel separate.

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