Sketching Aid

Last updated on March 29, 2022


There is a variety of custom options available for sketching, preference, or performance in the Sketching Aid menu.

Sketching Aid Panel

To get to Sketching Aid press the Blue Menu button > Settings > Sketching Aid

Notion image

A. Mirror: Activate World mirror for symmetrical drawing.

B. Vertical Lock: Keep sketch always up.

C. Home Orientation: Reset your perspective.

D. Find My Sketch: Zoom all extents in the space.

E. Grid: Turn on 3D grid points which you can snap on.

F. Mirror Style: Show different mirror style when mirror is on.

G. Smart Move: Allow linear or rotational grab interaction. Check here for more information.

H. Surface Contours: Show isopalm on surfaces.

I. World Axis: Show XYZ axis in the center of the scene.

J. Stage Floor: Create square/circular floor automatically from the center of the scene.

K. Grid Density: Adjust distance between grid points.

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