Smart Move

Last updated on June 7, 2022

Smart Move allows linear or rotational move and copy, constrained to axis between lined up controllers.

Smart Move Activation

Before using Smart Move make sure it is activated in the settings.

Menu button > Settings > Sketching Aid > switch the toggle to the right

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Smart Move Options

You can select one of the 2 available options:

  1. XYZ Axis to move the object along X, Y or Z Axis. The direction lines will be colored according to the color of each axis (red, green, blue).
  1. All Direction to move the object along any direction (including XYZ Axis). The direction lines will be in gray color.

Use Smart Move

Moving along axes

  1. Intersect the Grab Sphere on your drawing hand with the object/objects you would like to move.
  1. Align your non drawing hand behind or in front of your drawing hand in the direction of any of the axis.
  1. You may need to tilt your controllers so that they are both in the orientation of the desired axis you would like to move along. Think about holding onto a rope.
  1. When you align both controllers, the preview axis will appear. Any grab interaction performed when the axis is visible, will be constrained by the axis.
      • Red line for X axis,
      • Green line for Y axis,
      • Blue line for Z axis
  1. Once line is visible, squeeze hand/grab trigger on drawing hand while ensuring the Grab Sphere is still intersecting/ selecting desired objects.
  1. Move the controllers in the direction of the desired axis.

Duplicate objects with Smart Move

  1. Align the controllers and intersect the grab sphere with the object you would like to duplicate
  1. Grab the object with the grab trigger on your drawing hand controller and press the front trigger to duplicate
  1. Move the controllers along the axis and squeeze the front trigger to duplicate
When you align both controllers, and copy the object, the preview axis will appear with equally distanced snapping points.

Rotate objects with Smart Move

To rotate an object around the axis

  1. Put the controllers in a position so they face front of each controller
  1. Once the axis appears, twist the controllers inward or outward
  1. To end the rotation release the grab trigger button

Video Tutorial

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