The Options Menu

Last updated on February 28, 2022

The Options Menu can be accessed by pressing the blue button on the non-drawing hand.

Options Menu tabs

This is where you will be able to:

A. Save and export your files

B. Access settings and preferences

C. Import reference images

D. Import prefabs and files

E. View your layers

F. See participants in a co-creation room (if you are in one)

G. View your orthographic views (on tethered headsets only)

H. Access tutorials and resources

Notion image

Switch between Options

To switch between the tabs, simply point to any of the icons to the left and pull the trigger on the drawing hand controller, to access the options in each tab.

Quick Access to Options Menu

You can access the Options Menu and switch between the Options with Quick Access feature. Press and hold down the purple button to quickly access and toggle between different drawing tools.

Video Tutorial

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