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Elma Kujovic
Elma Kujovic
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All enterprise users are required to register as organisation accounts with their work emails (not personal) for security reasons. 


Using work or personal email outside of the organisation

If users have created a personal LandingPad account with their work or personal email we'll need to change it to an organisation account but you'll first need to make sure all your existing files are safely stored on your PC. Please follow the steps below:

1. First DOWNLOAD YOUR FILES: Before you change the email to work email make sure you've downloaded all files/folders from your personal account (in My Files) to local storage (i.e. your PC). All the files will be moved to the personal files section within the org and will be owned by the company. For that reason, any personal projects should be downloaded prior to switching. 

2. If you're using a personal email you'll need to change it to the work email (see next section in this article)

3. Once the files are downloaded get in touch with our Support team (on support@gravitysketch.com) and we'll help switch your account to an organisational account. 


Using personal email in the organisation

You'll need to change your email in the Account settings. Find full instructions on how to do this here

Reach out to support@gravitysketch.com in case there are any issues with this.

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