August 2023

Elma Kujovic
Elma Kujovic
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Version 6.0.6 (August 22)


🚀 Features & Improvements

  • When grid is enabled and you are in edit mode, grabbed control points will now snap to grid points.
  • Points no longer snap until they are at the mirror or slightly past the mirror plane. Previously there was an area around the mirror plane where points would snap to the mirror. This addresses an issue where points would snap onto the mirror if moved by smart move.
  • Grabbed videos and text objects now snap to axes when holding the offhand trigger, similar to reference image behaviour.
  • Allow adjusting point weight and size of ink and strokes when editing normals, allowing you to adjust the weight and size of the ink and stokes without moving the control points.
  • The on-controller notification to show asset upload progress now appears on the non-drawing hand.
  • There are now clearer instructions for allowing the required app storage permissions on first launch.
  • Users are no longer required to fully depress the trigger to interact with menus.
  • .glb files and .gltf files should now be unified and show as .gltf across our products, including LandingPad.

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where if a user took a screenshot from a sketch located inside a folder it would return a bad client request.
  • Fixed the app hard locking/hanging when trying to load certain font files.
  • If you exited edit mode while your grab sphere, in soft select mode, was intersecting with control points those points would continue to act as if soft selected if then grabbed by a normal grab sphere, this is no longer the case.
  • Stopped unmirrored stroke/ink/splines or those on world mirror being rendered twice on top of each other.
  • Fixed an issue where grabbing two thicken nodes at the same time results in "oops you found a bug" and controller UI becoming unusable and out of place.
  • Reviewer and Viewer accounts can no longer access first sketch tutorials from a sketch to combat a bug where they couldn’t be completed.
  • Speed/taper/pressure thick to thin and thin to thick now work on ink ribbons.
  • Fixed an issue where launching the Windows app without a headset connected caused app to get stuck on "Loading..." instead of taking you to the open 2D/open local sketch/open VR options menu.
  • Fixed an issue where baked mirrored imports and prefabs would bake in incorrect positions.
  • Fixed an issue where whole room scan GLB files would nor load all of the textures.
  • Fixed an issue where opening the screenshot tool after clicking on export in the save menu made the menus unusable and forced you to exit and re-enter the sketch.
  • Passing the Collab crown around when three or more people are in a Collab room no longer leads to the workspace menu being empty.
  • The UI now correctly conveys whether you are connected or disconnected and whether or not you have the ability to cloud export or save to cloud.
  • Deleting a layer after converting an object on that layer to subD and using the history clock to undo it no longer gives a hash error, instead a more graceful error is shown.
  • Textures on .dae files are now applied when loading them into a sketch from LandingPad/cloud there was a bug that made it so textures were not applied.
  • Fixed an issue where pressing delete on primitive cube's roundness slider causes the sliders to become un-grabbable.
  • The correct warning message now shows when signing up on VR standalone with no internet connection. Previously it stated "Please check that your email and password are correct" now it says “Sign up failed. There appears to be a problem with your internet connection. Please verify that you’re connected to the Internet and try again.”
  • Fixed the tessellation for non-stretched low poly strokes.
  • Fixed an issue effecting the color dot where it does not update between color wheel options and switching between two materials moves the dot slightly.
  • Scrolling back and forth quickly no longer causes loading bars to appear over other reference images.
  • The reconnect button now gives you more than one attempt to reconnect. The button can be pressed multiple times where it used to only be pressed once and then keep you offline.
  • Fixed an issue where file manager filters could fail if you turn off multiple filters quickly.
  • When toon affect is applied, the object will no longer go black when flipping normals.
  • Thumbnail screenshots no longer retain settings from quick screenshot.
  • Fixed an issue where adjusting the size of a thin line stroke control point does not actually adjust the thickness of the stroke.
  • Fixed an issue where some reference images that were brought in through the web browser flickered slightly and weren't able to be grabbed.
  • Search now shows files from import library and reference images.
  • First sketch gumdrop stage is now centred to the user.
  • When trying to download a folder with the same name as another local folder your files are now copied with “file copy 1” designations.
  • Fixed an issue where other users' pointer location was shown incorrectly.
  • Objects that are grouped with another object currently in edit mode by a user can no longer be interacted with. This includes snapping to and grabbing. This was to address an issue where a user could grab a grouped object and the grab would be rejected.
  • Folder deletion confirmation messages now contain the full folder name, with characters proceeding a full stop (period) now being present.
  • Entering and exiting a new sketch without any sketch input will no longer generate an autosave.
  • Fixed an issue where on-controller tips for new features activate in 6.0.0 tutorial even though the user can not complete the hint flow due to locked inputs.
  • When changing the scale of a stroke, the end nodes remain fixed to the end of the stroke; the stroke no longer moves beyond the end node.
  • Free Collab room names are no longer displayed as 'Null's room' when a user hasn't set their first name on LP Web.
  • Fixed an issue where the space key didn't work on the special characters section of keyboard.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed Organization Collab rooms to be displayed and stored in local storage when searched for.
  • Fixed and issue where resizing default settings ribbon brush preset causes orientation of ribbon to be vertical rather than horizontal orientation.
  • Disabled the color puck being visible when using the keyboard.
  • Fixed and issue where the "Press Me" controller tooltip hint for the selection tool gumball does not dismiss if the user loses their selection by extruding faces.
  • When choosing the name of a Collab room inputting top-row symbols no longer inputs numbers instead.
  • Reworded the HDR warning "There are no HDR files in the your organization's space" to “There are no HDR files in your organization's space” when in environments menu and there are no HDR files in your current organization space.
  • Pop-up notification announcing to Join LandingPad now disappears in lobby when user logs in.
  • Sketching a low poly volume with a large cursor no longer behaves as though sketching it with a small cursor.
  • Users are no longer able to scale objects and themselves at the same time.
  • Fixed an issue where duplicating a layer while the View Points tool is selected causes you to also place a view point at the moment of layer duplication.
  • Fixed an issue where newly created geometry/objects in other layers will be visible even though Toggle Solo Layer is enabled.
  • Text no longer overlaps the magnifying glass icon in the lobby search bar.
  • Fixed an issue where when extruding/thickening a mirrored planar volume only the outline of the thickened copy will show until you leave edit mode.
  • Fixed an issue where subd thickened cubes exported double sided appear black in Rhino.
  • Fixed persistent leftover instructions when exiting first sketch experience at certain points.
  • Using recover central line axis on a subdivision primitive no longer rotates the central line 90 degrees.
  • When a user exports a file with same name to the cloud, an error message will show telling the user to choose a different name, and it will block them from attempting to overwrite. Overwriting is still allowed when exporting to local.
  • Fixed an issue where a plane or circle primitive will stop scaling and its scaling arrow will detach if scaled too large.
  • Fixed an issue where snapping the measurement tool in 'snap to point' mode to an object, moving the snap mode back to 'snap to surface and objects' mode continues to show the edges of the control mesh.
  • Fixed an issue where the warning icon for GSfile version being too new on sketch overlaps the file type tag/icon.
  • Fixed a UI issue where default save directory modal instructions text are cut off/overlap at both sides at 1080p full screen in the desktop lobby.
  • Fixed an issue where the app would hang when attempting to load specific font files.
  • Fixed the projection mode inaccurately following a users hand gestures.

Screen Collab

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the environment effects panel does not open when opening a local sketch from the start-up menu.
  • Fixed an issue where Invite to follow pop-up confirmation buttons do not resize properly with the window/are hidden at some resolutions.
  • Imported videos no longer fail to display UI (Play/Stop/Scrub Slider etc).
  • Fixed an issue where double-clicking on the video player UI zooms you out to a whole-sketch view as if you had double clicked on empty space.
  • Fixed an issue where while following a VR user in 2D if the VR user scales up, the control points in their UI and the control point used as the icon for the loop tool stay the same size and so look massive.
  • Fixed an issue where ZX is not available as an export option for mirror plane.
  • Fixed an issue where 2D users can see standalone users Depth of Field UI in the screenshot tool.
  • The camera no longer fails to focus on the most recently imported 3D file.
  • Can now disable fullscreen (hotkey and UI button).
  • Fixed an issue where observed left handed VR users would have their pointer shown on their right hand.

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