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Guest Teams is a feature for paid customers which allows you to create a shared space with your Gravity Sketch team or another paying Gravity Sketch customer. Guest Teams allows you to share files and collab rooms with users outside of your organization, without having to share your organization's entire workspace. 


Guest Teams work just like our regular Teams function and will appear on the left-hand navigation panel in LandingPad. Once a Guest Team is created, only users added to the Guest Team can see the files and rooms saved in the Team.  


Guest Team Layout.png



What are Guest Teams for? 

Guest Teams make it simple and secure to share Gravity Sketch files or rooms with someone outside of your organization. A common example of this would be creating a Guest Team to share access with the Gravity Sketch Onboarding and Consulting Teams. This way, the GS team can set up training rooms and share assets in your organization without getting access to your internal files and rooms. Equally, you may have production partners with their own Gravity Sketch organizations; Guest Teams make it easy to only share relevant files with that relationship. 


How to Create a Guest Team 

Currently, Guest Teams must be configured by a Gravity Sketch team member. If you would like to create a new Guest Team, please get in touch with your CSM or the Product Support Team and they will be more than happy to help. 


How to add people to a Guest Team 

If you have an Admin role within your Gravity Sketch organization, or have an Admin role for the Guest Team, you are able to add or remove users through LandingPad.

- Sign into LandingPad

- Click on the Guest Team you would like to manage

- Click "Manage members" icon in the top left-hand corner

- follow the on-screen instructions to add users from inside or outside of your organization

You can invite any users from your own organization as well as any user who is part of a paying Gravity Sketch customer organization, including Gravity Sketch employees. 


How to Join a Guest Team Collab Room in VR

You can join a Collab Room in the same way you would join a Collab Room that is part of your main Organisation Space or a regular Team space. From the Gravity Sketch Lobby in VR, click the LandingPad Collab Icon, and then you will find a drop-down for Guest Teams on the left-hand side, as in the image below. 

Guest Teams VR location.png


How to add files to a Guest Team 

You will need to add any files or Collab rooms you would like to share with other members of the guest team by adding the files to the Guest Team space. To do this follow the step below:

- Login to

- Locate the file you want to add to the guest team

- Use the drag and drop function to move the file into the Guest Team you desire 

- Note that hovering the file over the Guest Team will drop down any folders already created in the Guest Team, and you can drop files directly into the folder. Collab Rooms cannot be added to folders. 



Guest Access

Any user added to a Guest Team who is not part of your organization will automatically be assigned a Guest role within the team. They can view and access any file or room saved in the team. Guests can only see files and rooms in the Guest Team space, they have no access to the other areas, files or rooms of your organization.



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