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Our Gravity Sketch products were born from our community-first approach, and we are proud to continue to offer community versions of our products. 


At the same time, as we mature as a business and as we see how Gravity Sketch can influence enterprise companies' workflows, we're seeing how our free vs. paid offerings need to mature, too. As a result, we have introduced some limitations to the free product.


You can read more about the reasoning behind this here.


What are the limitations?

1. Free users can create 1 collab room and be invited to up to 2 other collab rooms

2. Three free users can collaborate in a room at once, in real-time only when the room owner is present

3. Free users cannot join rooms from the Screen Collab app

4. Free users can download up to three 3D files per month from LandingPad


When you hit one of these limits, you will be notified on the platform you are using at the time, including your VR headset. If you are using LandingPad, you will see a message like the one below and can click ‘Request and Upgrade’ to share your details with our team. If you are in VR you can press a button to receive an email with a link to share you details.

Paywall HC Img.png

If you believe you have hit one of these limitations and should not have, please contact the support team by emailing



Q: Why are you making these changes now?

A: This has been a months-long process, looking at the data and deciding on the best course of action for all our users. We’ve introduced these changes to help us grow and mature as a business, and connect with the right customers so we can continue to grow and invest in the Gravity Sketch product.


Q: What if I’m an Education user (student/professor)?

A: If you are a student or professor in higher education, sign up here for a free business account, with no feature limitations, using your university email address


Q: How much will the business plans cost? 

A: Plans will vary based on a number of factors – to understand the right plan and price for your team, please reach out to connect with someone from the Gravity Sketch team.


Q: I’m an individual freelancer, not associated with a multi-person agency, do I still need to pay?

A: While we’ve intentionally kept the free product powerful enough to support hobbyists, creatives, and individual freelancers, we understand that even these new limitations might be enough to disrupt your workflows. If you are an individual freelancer impacted by these new paywalls, please contact our team and we will help solve the issue for you.


Q: I have more than 2 Collab Rooms shared with me, what will happen when the paywall is turned on? 

A: If you exceed the collab room limit when paywalls go live, you will need to remove yourself from a sufficient number of rooms to unlock access to your remaining 2 collab rooms shared with you.


Q: Are there any additional features to the paid plan?

A: Paid plans offer the following additional features:

  • Unlimited Collab Rooms and to share with your team, in real-time or async
  • Access to Screen Collab, Gravity Sketch’s desktop app, to collaborate from a screen
  • Unlimited 3D file downloads from LandingPad
  • Tailored support and training from Gravity Sketch’s design consulting team
  • Paid plans also offer additional benefits, beyond product features:
  •  Reviewer and Viewer License Types
  • Custom Asset Library
  • Managed product releases / MDM
  • Tailored onboarding curriculum
  • Customer Success Support
  • Security features: 2 Factor Authentication / SSO
  • Access to Gravity Sketch’s EDU program: Talent Pipeline and Sponsorships


Q: Does downloading the same file in multiple file types count as downloads?

A: Yes, every 3D file download counts toward your monthly limit. The following file types that count toward download limit:

  • Grs
  • Obj
  • Sketch
  • SketchZip
  • exportedObj
  • zipObj
  • exportedIGES
  • exportedFBX
  • importedFBX
  • importedBlend
  • importedGLTF
  • importedSTL
  • importedCollada
  • importedIGES
  • exportedUSDZ
  • exportedGLB
  • importedUSDZ
  • OnlineSketch
  • cosketchRoom


Q: Can I purchase extra downloads?

A: We are not currently offering the ability to purchase additional file downloads

If the 3D model download limit becomes disruptive, please get in contact with our team and we will find the right path forward


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