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Elma Kujovic
Elma Kujovic
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You will need a VR headset or an iPad to use Gravity Sketch. This article runs you through all the specific hardware and software requirements to use Gravity Sketch products. 

Gravity Sketch in VR

You can download Gravity Sketch on any supported standalone or tethered VR headset through Steam or the applicable app store directly from your headset (e.g. Oculus Store).

Check PC System Requirements for tethered headsets, and the list of supported VR headsets.


Tethering is a VR term that means connecting your Headset to your PC or laptop. Tethering allows you to harness the computing power of your PC instead of using just the processor in the Headset. This extra computing power allows you to create more complex designs in Gravity Sketch. 


Gravity Sketch on iPad

You can download Gravity Sketch via Apple App Store on any iPad with iOS 13 or later.

We recommend using a pencil for the best experience. However, it is not required.

What is the difference between the two platforms?

Both platforms use the same geometry engine and have the majority of the same tools available. However, not all features available in the VR app have been implemented in the iPad app yet (e.g. SubD, Primitives, direct import/export).

By connecting Gravity Sketch to your LandingPad account on both VR and iPad, with LandingPad as the link between the two, sketches started on one platform can be opened and further worked on the other.

Can I use Gravity Sketch on my PC?

Currently, you can only view files and view rooms through a PC. Non of our creation tools are available through PC. 

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