Tips for eliminating motion sickness

Elma Kujovic
Elma Kujovic
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Got an Oculus Quest 2? Cool. Experiencing Motion Sickness when using your new headset?

Not so cool.


In the video below, our Industrial Design Consultant Nyko covers tips for eliminating or drastically reducing motion sickness when using your Quest 2. We want you to have a great VR Experience.

The primary points covered are:

1. Get a better head strap

2. Check your IPD distance and make sure it is adjusted correctly

3. Lens inserts make a difference if you wear glasses


The head straps discussed in this video are the following (U.S. Links):

BoboVR M2

Oculus Elite Strap

Oculus Elite Strap with Battery

The lens Inserts we mention can be found here.

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