Introduction to LandingPad Collab

Elma Kujovic
Elma Kujovic
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Design and creativity are not a solo job, design is not just done by designers, it is a collaborative journey that involves many voices. Communication is the cornerstone of any design process, and we are on a mission to give teams the power to communicate ideas spatially from anywhere, anytime.

For the past three years, we have built and deployed collaboration tools for our business customers. We studied the design process of the vehicle and industrial designers as well as concept artists in the entertainment industry. We have been optimizing the collaboration engine over this time so that we could bring these features to a much wider audience.

All you need is a free LandingPad account and a VR headset.


What is LandingPad Collab?

LandingPad Collab allows users to create a personal collaboration space, or as we call it, a collaboration room in which the user can invite others for creation and collaboration in real-time. In order to create or join a room, each user will need a free account.

With our initial rollout of LandingPad Collab, each user will have the following capabilities:

  • One personal collaboration room per user
  • Maximum of 4 users in a collaboration room
  • All invitees to the collaboration room have full edit permission
  • 1GB cloud storage per user

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