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You can invite or remove users from your room on This will give or deny them access to your room. 

Invite Users

To invite users into your Collab room, open your browser, go to and log into your account.

1. Go to My Files and select Files and Rooms

2. Click on your Collab room (highlighted with a crown icon)

3. Click on the Share Collab Room button at the top of the page


4. Enter the email address (you can add multiple addresses at the same time) and click Send Invites button. 


Once the invite is sent, they'll receive an invite email and the room will then appear on their LandingPad account (on and in VR space). 


Share a link to your room

You can give access to your Collab room(s) by sharing a link with other users: 

1. Select your room

2. Select Copy Invite Link button at the top and share it with other users

3. If the room you're sharing isn't public they'll have to request access first (see the screenshot). 


4. You'll receive their request in the Requests tab. Select the green check mark to Approve or the red cross to Deny it. 



Remove Users

You can remove access to your room by following the next steps:

1. Select your Collab room and click on the Share Collab Room button at the top right

2. Click on the role of the user on the list of People With Access

3. Select Remove



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