February 2022 Update

Elma Kujovic
Elma Kujovic
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New Save Options

We released Save/Save as/Export location improvement so you can organize and find the files easier. Learn more about how these improvements work here.


Create prefabs in any folder and create new folders in prefab menu

We’ve updated how you can create Prefabs. You can now create prefabricated models by dragging them to any of the folders in the Import Library in the Prefabs panel. This improvement allows to easily organise assets and files within Gravity Sketch.

Quick Access Buttons

We released Quick access buttons so you can quickly access the following functions:

  • Save Sketch (floppy disk icon)
  • Take Screenshot (camera icon)
  • Report an Issue (exclamation mark)
  • Exit to Lobby (doors icon)

You can access them while in the sketch or Collab room by turning your non-drawing hand controller outwards.

Notion Image

Controller mute button for Collab

We added the mute/unmute button on the non-drawing hand controller to improve the communication experience in the collaboration rooms.

Quick Tool access

Press and hold down the purple button to quickly access and toggle between different drawing tools.

Layer Highlighting

You can now see which object in your sketch belongs to which layer. Hover over any layer to highlight the object in red, orange or purple, depending on whether they are solo, mirrored or grouped objects.

Notion Image

If you intersect objects numbers in blue will indicate which layers the objects are on and how many of the intersected objects are in each of the layers.

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SubD Tools Menu Update

Two new tools were added to the SubD Tools Menu so you can more easily edit SubD surfaces:

Precise Select

Notion Image

Loop Addition

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Rigged Chassis Panel Update


There are over 25 preset rigged chassis you can choose from on the Chassis Panel.


Convert to Revolve Geometry

You can convert the rigged chassis to editable SubD mirrored geometry so you can easily edit the tire profiles. This mode also allows you to duplicate the chassis in the same file.

8 section SubD Revolved surfaces

Revolve surfaces can now be converted to SubD objects with 8 spans so you can quickly and easily build surfaces with it.

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Sub D Polar array update

We’ve updated the SubD ribbon tool and the polar symmetry functions so now you can use these with the thickness tool to easily make complex wheel designs quickly.

Notion Image

Passthrough with Quest

You can now use the passthrough beta feature on standalone Quest headsets and work in Gravity Sketch while seeing your surroundings which allows you to get a better image of how the chair would look like in real space (when on a 1:1 scale).

Notion Image

To enable it, go to Settings > Beta > toggle on Pass-through

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Video demo

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