November 2021 Update

Elma Kujovic
Elma Kujovic
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New Lobby

Welcome to our NEW Lobby - our old Lobby was redesigned for easier navigation!

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New File Manager

Our File Manager got a newer look and few new functions were added.

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Search by the name

Easily find the right files by searching by name in the search bar.

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Sort by file type

Organize and sort files in the File Manager by Sketches, Import Models, Folders, Reference Images, Screenshots and Exports.

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Organising files

Easily organise your files by using Clipboard to move files around in File Manager.

New Measurements Tool

Our Measuring tape (previously located in the Tool Belt) has now become Measurements Tool available in Primitive Objects.

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Custom HDR background

You can now load in custom HDR images in Gravity Sketch.

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New USDZ/ GLTF Export

Export your creations (with LandingPad Cloud Export feature) as USDZ/GLTF file formats to view your models in Augmented reality (AR) on any iOS or Android device that supports AR.

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Video Demo




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