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You can link your LandingPad account to your device by selecting the LandingPad button on the top right. If you'd like to create a new LandingPad account you can do this on your iPad or in the browser by following the instructions here

When linking your app with your LandingPad account you will get access to more features (up to 1GB of free storage, create more than 2 sketches, Cloud Export feature in the browser), however, you can still use the app without the LandingPad account if you prefer so.

Once you're logged into your account the light next to the button will turn green. If you click the LandingPad button a drop-down menu will open.



A. Storage: This will show the used storage of your account.

B. Organisation: If you are part of an organisation the name of it will show here. 

C. Go to LandingPad: This takes you to a browser so you can use LandingPad.

D. Logout: Click to log out of your LandingPad account. You will then be able to sign back into a LandingPad account or access the version of the app without LandingPad features.

Sketches made on iPad are GRS files so they can be saved in LandingPad. This way you can open them in VR for further editing and vice versa. 

Synching to LandingPad

Your files should be synching automatically however you can also synch them manually by selecting the Synch to LandingPad within the sketch.

1. Click on the hamburger menu icon (next to the Lobby button)

2. Select Synch to LandingPad



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