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Elma Kujovic
Elma Kujovic
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You can switch between 2 camera modes available on iPad by simply selecting the Camera mode button. Learn more about it in the content below. 

Camera mode button

This appears as a rectangle with a wavy line. This button will switch you between Free camera and Draw plane camera mode. The free camera is enabled when the symbol is a rectangle with a wavy line and Draw plane camera is enabled when there is a rhomboid with a wavy line. You can still use the Z slider in both camera modes to move through the depth of your space.

Free Camera

This mode means your drawing plane is locked to your camera view, so as you navigate around your 3D sketching space, the drawing plane moves with you. You should see the grey drawing plane takes up your whole drawing space.

Draw plane camera

This camera mode means your drawing plane is separate from your camera view. You should see that your grey drawing plane is smaller than your drawing space and is independent of where you navigate. This drawing plane can be moved by clicking the button on your right in right-handed mode, or on your left in left-handed mode (it’s a square with a dotted outline shadow above the 3D cube). This will change your drawing plane to whatever view you are currently looking at.

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