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You can access the Preferences menu in settings. Select the settings cog at the top left corner, then select Preferences. 

Preferences menu


A. Colour Selection: This will change the appearance of your colour selector: you can choose between Circle and a Square. 

B. Focal Length: Adjust the view angle.

C. Environment: The environment setting is only applicable when your sketch is set to the Free Camera mode. You can activate axes and floor by selecting the 2 options.  

1. Using the navigation cube: you can navigate using the cube in the bottom right corner of the sketch. If you click and hold the cube you can move it around in space. 

2. Using the navigation arrows: when you select this option you will need to hold down the circle modifier key at the side of the screen to enable it.

You can choose one, both or no navigation aids. If none of the above is activated you can hold the circle button and use the hotspots located around the sides of the image: you will just need to tap the screen at those places. 

E. Input Smoothing: There are 4 options for your input smoothing level. This feature allows you to create a very smooth line at input level 4, or exactly where your pen draws without smoothing at input level 0.

F. Plane shadows: These are the shadows from your drawing that appear on the grey drawing plane. You can enable/disable this by moving the toggle button to the right/left. 

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