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The Gestures are part of the settings menu. Select the settings cog at the top left corner, then select the Gestures tab. 

Pen mode

When enabled, you can draw with an Apple pencil connected. If you do not have an Apple pencil, please disable this feature to enter finger paint mode.

We recommend using a pen because the experience is better. However, you can still use the app without the pen and simply use your fingertips.

Vertical rotation lock

Locks your drawing so it is always upright and you won't be able to orbit and rotate the sketch.


When enabled the purple dots will appear when clicking on the screen. If you are screen recording this is very helpful to have enabled.


This should be changed depending on if you are right-handed or left-handed.

Threshold Options

Different threshold options will allow you to customize your preferences a bit better.

Orbit Snapback Threshold

You can increase the degree by a small amount so that it helps with palm rejection. If you slide this degree up higher, it is perfect for checking what control point you have selected when you are in an orthographic view as you can use one finger to drag on your screen to ‘peek’ around the drawing, and as long as you haven’t dragged more than the degree you set this threshold at, it will snap back to your previous view. You can stay in the position where you have dragged by tapping the screen once with a second finger.

Rotation Threshold

This is how far you rotate your fingers using finger gestures before the app realises you are rotating your sketch.

Zoom Threshold

This is how far you pinch your fingers together or apart using finger gestures before the app realises you are zooming your sketch.

Zoom Speed

This is how fast or slow your sketch zooms after you zoom in or out of your sketch.

Free Camera Pan Threshold

This is how far you move two fingers together using finger gestures before the app realises you are panning in the Free camera mode.

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