LandingPad Password Management

Elma Kujovic
Elma Kujovic
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Change Password

You can change your password by accessing your Account settings under your LandingPad profile. Simply select Account under the top right drop-down menu.


Here you will see your LandingPad Profile information, to change your password, simply select Edit next to “Password”.

Enter your Current Password, and your New Password, then select Save.

Once saved, you will be logged out of your account. You can now login with your new password.

Reset Password

To reset your password:

1. Go to in your browser

2. Fill in your email and select Next

3. Click on Forgot Password

4. You will receive the following email. Select Reset Password or the link below to proceed.

4. Enter the new password and select the Reset Password button.

Once submitted, you will be redirected to the LandingPad home page, ready to log in.

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