1:1 Scale

Josh Humphreys
Josh Humphreys
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Set Space to a 1:1 scale

To create at a 1:1 Scale your space will need to be set to 100% Scale.

  1. Press and hold side triggers on both hand controllers and move your hands together or apart
  1. Once you reach 100% your sketch space will be set to a 1:1 scale

Import Prefabs at a 1:1 scale

Use Prefabs as reference models when creating on a 1:1 scale.

  1. Press the blue Menu button
  1. Go to Prefabs
  1. Pull the prefab and drop it into the import box
  1. Once the box turns green let go of the prefab
  1. Rotate the object to your preference
  1. Select a blue check mark to bring the prefab into the sketch

View Sketch in 1:1 scale

Use this interaction to view the sketch on a 1:1 scale while still working on it. Simply release the trigger to return to the scale you were currently working at.

  1. Hold the grip on your non-drawing hand
  2. Now press the trigger on your non-drawing hand
  3. You can move your non-drawing hand to rotate the model in your desired direction

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