What is the difference between LandingPad Collab Free and Collab for Business?

Elma Kujovic
Elma Kujovic
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The following features are included in the free version of LandingPad Collab:

  • One personal collaboration room per user
  • Maximum of 4 users in a collaboration room
  • All invitees to the collaboration room have full edit permission
  • 1GB cloud storage per user

Collab for Business has been used by companies for the past three years and comes with a variety of functionality to cater for larger team use cases as well as the data security, IP management, and support requirements of businesses:

  • Collaboration functionality:
    • Unlimited collaboration rooms
    • Option to extend to 10 concurrent users in a collaboration room
    • 5GB cloud storage per user
    • Full content ownership: control who is able to save and download the contents of a room by adding invitees as reviewers or viewers
    • Company- or Team-wide design systems, so everyone can have access to the same reference images, UI library, etc
  • Security and IP:
    • User management: create sub-teams and control who has access to which collaboration room, and with which level of permissions (e.g., edit or view only)
    • Audit trail for changes to user information and collaboration rooms for internal IT security and insurance requirements
    • SSO + advanced security measures
  • Business licensing terms: warranties, coverage for liabilities, uptime guarantees
  • Dedicated customer success manager with premium support levels including 1:1 training

What does this mean for our Business customers?

The free version of LandingPad Collab doesn’t change anything for customers of Collab for Business. Access to our full Business feature set will remain along with product warranties, coverage for liabilities, uptime guarantees and support levels that have been agreed.

Businesses that are interested in learning about the feature set and technology can now try it out using the free version, to learn how the platform fits into their workflow.

For teams that are ready to jump into the business version of Collab: please don’t hesitate to get in touch at enterprise@gravitysketch.com.

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