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Elma Kujovic
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Content created by drawing tools can be edited after creation. This way you can add more detail to your design by adding and editing control points, edges and faces of the object. 

Enter/Exit Edit Mode

To edit any object in the sketch you'll need to enter the Edit Mode first. To do so: 

  1. Intersect the Grab Sphere with any object
  1. Once the object is highlighted grab the object by squeezing the grab button
  1. Press the Blue button on your non-drawing hand

To exit the Edit Mode press the Blue button (blue check mark) again.

Edit Panel

When in edit mode press the purple button to open the edit panel. Here you can access the properties of the object you're editing. 

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The edit panel defaults to off at the start of each edit session. 

Control Points Manipulation

Grab, move, duplicate, delete, and scale away in the same way as you do with normal objects. Increase the size of the Grab Sphere to grab more points at once.

Grab and Move
Grab and Move: grab a point/points and move your controller
Duplicate: grab a point/points and pull the front trigger
Delete: grab a point/points and click on the red delete button

Edit using the Selection tool 

Use the selection tool while in edit mode to select specific control points, faces or/and edges and edit them. 

While in edit mode simply hold the joystick on your drawing hand controller and hover to Selection.

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Add Points

Half-pulled trigger shows a preview of the point or set of points (when adding edge loops) you will add. Fully pull the trigger to confirm the position.

Edit History

An object you created keeps its own editing history (different from the sketch history). To undo or redo changes that were made to a particular object in edit mode you will need to re-enter the edit mode and use the undo or history button. Each object will have its own edit history. 

Slide function

You can slide control points, edges and edge loops on SubD objects relative to their neighbouring points/edges/edge loops. 
While in edit mode on a SubD object, hold the index trigger on the offhand controller then grab a point/edge/edge loop and pull to slide it. 
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