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Elma Kujovic
Elma Kujovic
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Each geometric shape will show different editing options on the non-drawing hand panel. It depends on the tool that you initially used for your sketch.

Editing Properties Options 1


A. Simplify Points: Make a sketch object smoother by reducing control points

B. Break Mirror: Bake mirrored part of the pair

C. Reset Thickness: Uniform stroke thickness

D. Break Symmetry: Separate an object created by polar symmetry into segments

E. Snap: You can snap control points onto a point of another object

F. Mirrored: Give exact mirror of individual models to World Mirror Plane. The mirrored object is synced to the original parametrically

G. Loop: Connect the start and end points of the geometry


Editing Properties Options 2


A. Simplify Points: Reduce the number of edit points in geometry

B. Convert to SubD: Convert an object to a SubDivision model

C. Loop V: Loop your surface in the V direction

D. Loop: Connect the endpoints of your surface in the U direction

E. Mirror: duplicate exact geometry on the other side of the axis

F. Snap: Edit points snap to each other


Editing Properties Options 3


Scale Arrow: You will see arrows if you are editing a primitive geometry. Pull the arrows to scale the object in both directions.


Primitive control point: Extra control points are available if you are editing a Super ellipsoid. Move the points to find an interesting shape.

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