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In Gravity Sketch environments you work in can be changed to your preference. You can use Workspace to customize and manipulate the environment and lighting in your scene.

This can help with creating specific lighting and styles for your screenshots, or serve as a way to view your model in different lighting conditions and evaluate your design.

Environments are retained through sketches. Once you select an environment, it will remain in every following sketch (until you change it again).

Access and Use

To access the Workspace settings:

  1. Click the blue Menu button
  1. Go to Settings
  1. Select Workspace

You can change your environment by clicking different scenes on the Workspace Panel. Preset environments are our default environments. If you would like to customize your environment you can set 4 Custom environments tailored to your needs and preferences.

Workspace Panel

Notion Image

A. Preset scenes: You have 4 default scenes to choose from: Grey Room, Black Room, Warehouse, Studio

B. Custom scenes: Custom slots where you can save background tint and light direction.

In Custom 1 the color environment option isn’t available

C. Environment Tint (Color wheel): Controls the value and hue of the custom environments

D. Flashlight: Grab and position the direction of light. This goes for all the Presets and Custom environments. To remove it from the scene, grab it and click the delete button

The Flashlight can be anchored (light will remain in one place) or unanchored (light will change with moving the sketch). You can anchor/unanchor by grabbing the flashlight and clicking the blue anchor button on the non-drawing hand

E. Shadows (only on tethered headsets): Turn off the shadows or choose between Sketch shadow and Floor shadow

F. Floor Grid: turn the grid off/on and control its density. Helps you see where the ground plane is at any time

G. HDR: Turn the HDR on by switching the toggle button to one of the below options

  • HDR Reflections: This will project environment reflection to the objects which are great for understanding the surfacing and surface changes in your models (use reflective material to see the projection). Choose between Studio, Outdoor, Skyline, and Zebra Stripe reflections
  • Custom Environments: Load custom HDR images as your environment

H. Gradient: Change the color of the environment with the gradient effect. Separately choose the color of the sky, horizon and floor

HDR Custom Environments

You can load an HDR image to Gravity Sketch and use it as your custom in your sketches and Collab Room environment. This option is available as a third option under the HDR setting (G. on the screenshot above) on the Workspace Panel

  1. First, make sure your file is in HDR format
  2. Upload the image to LandingPad ( or drop it into the HDRs folder on your computer (check How do I Import and Export files?)
  1. Switch the HDR setting (G. on the screenshot) to Custom Environments (all the way to the right)
  1. Click the dropdown menu and choose the file you would like to set as your environment

Gumdrop option

The Gumdrop option will change the shape of the HDR. This is very useful when wanting to give the impression of a closer floor. 

Toggle the Gumdrop button (A) to the right and slide the Gumdrop Height button (B) to adjust the height.

HDR Images Video Tutorial

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