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In the Prefabs menu, you can access Built-in models and all the models you’ve imported to Gravity Sketch. You can also make Instant Prefabs if you wish to access the models you created in your future Gravity Sketch projects.


To access the Prefabs panel press the blue Menu button and go to Prefabs. 

Import Built-in Models

Gravity Sketch provides prefabricated models which you can use as a guide or reference.  Prefabs- Mannequin.gif

A. Reference models

Press buttons on the top to toggle a torso, and head. These models cannot be edited but they serve as a starting point. Reference models can be aligned to the Mirror plane.

B. Car Chassis

There are over 25 preset rigged chassis you can choose from on the Chassis Panel.

Prefabs - Chassis.gif

You can also convert the chassis to editable SubD mirrored geometry and easily edit the tire profiles or duplicate the chassis in space.

C. Rigged Mannequins

Joint-adjustable male and female mannequins are supplied by default. They are great for setting a scene and creating a storyline. Select or grab the mannequin out of the panel, scale and edit.

To adjust the mannequin:

  1. Grab and hold the mannequin
  1. Press the Edit Menu on your non-dominant hand controller
  1. Grab and pull the points to position body parts

You can swipe between 2 edit modes: green points mode and blue points mode (finer mode)


Import your models

Models you import or create in Gravity Sketch will be accessible from Prefabs.

Step 1: Upload files

Step 2: Locate your models in the Import Library

Open a sketch in VR > press the Blue Menu button > go to Prefabs > Import Models

            A. Add Folder: Create a new folder

Files imported locally will be accessible in the Local Sketches folder. Files imported via LandingPad will be accessible in your cloud Workspace folder.


Step 3: Bring the model into your sketch

To bring models to the scene, you can:

  1. Select your model and click the blue check mark (Import Models) OR
  2. Click on the model to load, pull the model out of the Prefab panel and release it onto your scene

You can import Gravity Sketch material data with your model by simply placing a paired MTL file in the folder with OBJ.

Make Instant Prefabs

Create Prefabs simply by dropping your sketch geometry into the Import Models window. This bakes the mirrored parts so you can edit them separately.

  1. Go to Import Library
  1. Grab the object you want to bake as a Prefab
  1. Drop it into a blue box on the UI
  1. Use the popup keyboard to name it

You can create prefabricated models by dragging them to any of the folders in the Import Library in the Prefabs panel. They will be saved as zipped GRS files. 

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