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When entering into VR Space, especially the Gravity Sketch space for the first time, it can seem a bit confusing. It's important to get comfortable with moving around in VR space as this will directly affect your overall experience with Gravity Sketch.

While you can use gravity sketch at 1:1 scale, and physically move yourself to move around in real-world space, this can require a significant amount of space, and be tiring as well.

Gravity sketch can be used while seated or standing and there is no need to physically move yourself to get the full experience.


Any time you open a new sketch, you will be located at the origin of the sketch. This means, you will be at the 0, 0, 0 point on the X, Y and Z axes. You will also spawn at 1:1 scale.


1:1 Scale

1:1 scale means that 1 unit of measurement on the model equals 1 unit of measurement on the actual subject. For example, a 1:1 scale model of a car means that when viewing the model in VR it appears as the same size as the car.  In Gravity Sketch, this also is referred to as 100% scale.


World Axis (RED X, GREEN Y and BLUE Z)*

The World Axis is the X, Y and Z axis for the entire 3D scene. They do not change and serve as a single reference point for direction in your scene.


Moving (Swimming)

To scale yourself up and then down to your desired destination. Allows you to quickly move from one place in the sketch room to another.

To move yourself in VR Space:

  1. Squeeze the grab trigger on your non-drawing hand.
  1. While holding the trigger, move your hand in space
      • Pulling your hand towards your body will pull you forward in VR space.
      • Pushing your hand away from your body will move you backwards in VR space.
      • Pulling your hand down will pull you up in VR space.
      • Pushing your hand up will push you down in VR Space.
      • Twisting your hand will rotate your VR space.
      • Tilting your hand will tilt your VR space.
  1. To move over larger distances, you can repeat movements (for example to move forward) grab the trigger, and pull your hand towards your body, let go of the trigger, reach out, squeeze the trigger and bring your hand towards your body again.

To quickly teleport yourself around the space use the Teleporter.

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