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Scale Object

  1. Grab the object with your drawing hand
  1. Squeeze and hold the grab trigger on your non-drawing hand
  1. Move your hands apart to scale the object

Scale Sketch

Squeeze Grab triggers on both controllers and move your hands apart or together (this doesn’t affect the real size of your models when saving or exporting your sketch), where 100% means the full size of the sketch (1:1 scale). 


Learn how 1:1 scaling works in Gravity Sketch here.

Non-proportional scaling

This feature is available for Ink, Stroke, volumes, NURBS and SubD objects. 

To use it:

1. Grab an object and press the Blue button to enter the edit mode

2. Once in edit mode flick the joystick on your drawing hand controller to the right two times to switch to the non-proportional scale mode

3. Pull the arrows around the object to scale it

Animated GIF

Non-proportional scaling is also available in multiple edit mode. Simply grab multiple objects and repeat the steps above. 
Animated GIF

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