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Elma Kujovic


Turn on the Mirror to sketch symmetrically across the Y axis. Learn all about the feature and its functions in the content below. 

Activate Mirror

  1. Select the blue Menu button
  1. Go to Settings and open Sketching Aid
  1. Select the Mirror option
  1. Deactivate the Mirror by selecting the Mirror option again
Notion Image

Mirror Style

Choose between 3 mirror plane options: Hidden, Fixed or Auto scale

Use Mirror

By sketching on one side of the Mirror, a duplicate of the object will show up on the other side.

Snap and lock control points

While editing in Mirror mode control points will snap and lock to the mirror as you move them close to the axis. This is very helpful when joining the ends of the geometry across the middle.

Animated GIF

The locking feature is available with the Ink tool, Stroke tool and all SubD objects. 

Bake Mirrored

Edit one side independently by selecting the Bake Mirrored option in the edit panel. This will make each object independently movable and editable.

Mirror existing geometry

Every geometry in the sketch can be mirrored across the Y axis. This is useful if you want to mirror only specific geometry in the sketch.

  1. Grab the geometry and select the Blue button on your non-drawing hand
  1. Switch the Mirror toggle on the edit panel to Mirrored over world axis

Mirror multiple objects

You can select multiple objects and switch the mirroring on or off on the Multi-edit panel.

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    Kazuya GOTO
    • Edited

    I'd like to draw parallel lines as a rough sketch near the mirror plane. However, some vertices accidentally snap onto the mirror plane. How can I avoid this?

    One more thing. I use this app on standalone Meta Quest Pro. I cannot switch multiple objects to mirror objects (The blue button on non dominant controller becomes Edit button). Do I need some settings?


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