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Elma Kujovic
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The Viewpoints tool in Gravity Sketch allows you to set and toggle between different camera perspectives within your sketch. This enables comprehensive views and efficient navigation of your 3D models.

Access and Use

  1. Selecting Viewpoints Tool: In a sketch or room, hold the Edit Mode Toolbox (Black) button on your drawing hand controller, move the controller to the right to select Viewpoints, and release the button.

  2. Setting Viewpoints: Move to the desired position in space and pull the front trigger on your dominant hand controller to set a viewpoint. These will appear as camera screens, which can be resized like any other object.

Move between the Viewpoints

You can switch between viewpoints in two ways:

  1. Joystick Navigation: Move the joystick on your dominant hand controller left or right.

2. Viewpoints Panel: Select the Viewpoints Preview thumbnail from the Viewpoints panel.


Viewpoints panel

Once created, viewpoints appear on the Viewpoints panel. Access this by pressing the Creation Tools (Purple) Button on your non-drawing hand controller.


A. Name of the viewpoint: By default, viewpoints are named sequentially (e.g., Camera 01). Rename by selecting the name, typing the new name, and confirming with the blue check mark.

B. Spawn Point: When switched on the spawned viewpoint will be the starting point when entering the sketch or joining a room.

C. Viewpoint’s Preview thumbnail: Select the preview image to move to the exact viewpoint from the list

D. Show/Hide Viewpoints: Toggle to show or hide viewpoints in the sketch

Viewer Mode

While working with Viewpoints you can switch to Viewer Mode and access tools like teleportation and laser pointer. Read more about this in the separate article HERE.

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