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Elma Kujovic
Elma Kujovic
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When drawing in Planar mode and removing the drawing plane, the control points will only be movable in the direction of the sketch plane. When creating a 3D model you will want to remove the planarity in order to move the control points in any direction. Learn more on how to achieve that below.


Individual Objects

You can remove the planar restriction from individual objects in the Edit menu.

  1. Grab the stroke created in Planar mode
  1. Enter the Edit mode by selecting the blue button
  1. Turn off the Planar toggle by moving it to the left

Once the planarity is turned off you can move the control points in any direction.

Multiple Objects

You can also turn off the planar restriction for multiple curves. This will enable you to start with a planar sketch, and then create a 3D sketch very quickly once you turn off planar mode in the Multi edit menu.


Access and Use

  1. Grab all strokes created in Planar mode
  1. Enter the multi-edit mode by pressing the blue button on your non-drawing hand controller
  1. Select Remove Planarity
  1. Planarity will be removed from all selected strokes

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