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Josh Humphreys
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What is Screen Collab

Screen Collab is a new app release that allows you to invite your peers to collaborate in real time from their VR headset, desktop or Mac, or leave notes for your team members for when they next access the room. 


Screen Collab is a Beta app that is still being developed. If you notice something isn't working as it should or have any feedback on how we can improve it, click the purple 'Feedback' button in the room or email

Key Features

  • Join a collab room from a Mac or Windows
  • Audio input and output, so you can communicate with your team as you would in a zoom call
  • Navigate freely around the room to view the sketch or model 
  • Add annotations to your model (stickies and drawings)
  • Laser pointer to draw attention to certain things in the collab room
  • A ‘follow me’ button to view 1st hand what someone in VR is seeing

You and any participants will need to have the latest version of Gravity Sketch downloaded and installed on the device they will be using. You can download Gravity Sketch from your LandingPad account, or follow our hand guide.

You can find instructions on how to use Screen Collab, or watch our video guide below

Joining a room

  • If you are using a VR headset then you can join a room as normal (instructions for this are here)  
  • If you are using a Windows or Mac device first you will need to log into your LandingPad account and select your Org
  • Next select your Org shared space and Rooms from the top menu bar 
  • Select the room you would like to access and click the 'Join in App' button
  • A new page will open and the room will launch if you click 'Join in App'

Clicking 'Launch VR App' at the final stage will launch Gravity Sketch on your tethered headset and automatically enter you into the room


Key Features 

Laser Pointer: You can access the laser pointer by clicking the laser pointer button in the bottom menu bar. You can move the laser pointer with your mouse. When you navigate around the room, the pointer will be temporarily disabled

Mute: Click the microphone icon to toggle mute on and off

Exit Room: Click here to leave the Screen Collab room

Viewpoints: Click the viewpoints icon to open the menu. Viewpoints are set locations in the room that you can click on to see a set view. You can also save the current view you have on screen by clicking 'Create a new viewpoint'

Notes: In Viewpoints mode, you can add Notes to the room to record your feedback. Click the notes icon, type your message and click enter

Mark Up: The mark up feature lets you draw directly in the room. Click the pen icon and use your mouse to control the marker

VR Perspective: You can follow any VR users in the room by clicking the Pin icon under the people menu, this will pin their view to your screen and you will see exactly what they are seeing (If you are a VR user, you can see who has pinned your view by rotating your drawing hand inwards) 

Avatars: Other members of the room will be represented in the space by an avatar. VR collaborators will appear as a headset and controllers while desktop collaborators will show as a rectangular screen. Each members name will be displayed below their avatar










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