July 2022

Elma Kujovic
Elma Kujovic
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Version 5.5.55 (July 2)

πŸš€ Features & Tweaks

- Can now rename any file in File Manager.

πŸ› Bug Fixes

- Fixed an issue where prefabs with large amounts of mirrored subdivision geometry not attached at the mirror could fail to load.
- Collab room thumbnails now update in the main lobby without requiring an app restart.
- Can no longer generate an incorrect sketch thumbnail by spamming the take screenshot button.
- Repeated Texture option now works properly on Low Poly Ink and Strokes.
- Fixed memory leak that could occur when converting a curve to a subdivision object.
- Geometry no longer appears incorrectly when baking polar on a polar symmetrical subdivision object that has points attached at the mirror and has been moved off of the world mirror.
- Fixed movement history for anchored reference images.
- IGES parser now correctly handles both header standard formats, making some previously unimportable IGES files importable.
- Performing a merge of subdivision objects no longer clears the history of all actions made outside of edit mode before the merged object was created.
- Subdivision objects no longer appear transparent/with flipped normals when changing their colour.
July 12, 2022


Version 5.5.56 (July 8)

πŸš€ Features & Tweaks

- Added the ability to add and invite people to your Collab room within VR. This is found in the Online Users menu while in the Collab room.
- Added a grab cube in addition to the existing grab sphere. To toggle between these options grab nothing and then move the main hand joystick left or right.
- Can now see whether other users have their microphone enabled or disabled in the UI of the Online Users menu in Collab.
- Can now see Collab rooms shared with you from other teams within your organisation.

πŸ› Bug Fixes

- Fixed an edge case where an object could be missing for a user if they joined a Collab session while the object was in edit mode.
- Fixed being able to give sketches invalid save names in some circumstances.
- Left-hand controller quick access icons are no longer reversed.
- Previews of prefabs containing images no longer display the images as 3D objects.
- Made button placement on the wireframe Quest controller models consistent with standard and transparent models.
- You can now move folders from a personal workspace to an organisation workspace in File Manager.
- Can no longer open the colour wheel while in the screenshot tool.
- Any anchored reference images imported to a Collab room or sketch are now unanchored on import.


Version 5.5.57 (July 11) 

πŸ› Bug Fixes

- Fixed an issue that would cause some older sketches to only load one subdivision object on sketch open.
- Fixed bake thicken/offset.
- When creating a prefab by dropping a sketch into the import menu, anchored reference images will be converted to sketch space so that they remain in the same position relative to other objects in the prefab.


Version 5.5.58 (July 12)

πŸ› Bug Fixes

- Fixed Bridged Curves surfaces drawing improperly in NURBS and not at all in SubD.
- The grab sphere/cube now disappears again when grabbing.
- Fixed customise option for subdivision primitive shapes.
- Corrected the prompt above the keyboard when inviting someone to your personal Collab room.
- Removed the Repeated Texture option from Ink Ribbon.


Version 5.5.59 (July 26)

πŸš€ Features & Tweaks

- The distance increments to which the thicken surface tool snaps is now based upon the sketch scale.
- Improved grab cube visuals.

πŸ› Bug Fixes

- Long file names in File Manager now divide on to two lines.
- Fixed projection mode on the stroke tool often drawing in the wrong direction.
- Opening the camera tool in Speed Sketching no longer causes a soft lock and can now correctly take screenshots.
- Can no longer create viewpoints in Speed Sketching.
- Scrolling through the Reference Images menu quickly no longer causes multiple images to occupy the same spot.
- Manually closing the thumbnail screenshot tool after taking a thumbnail will no longer cause the save menu to close itself if you open it immediately after.
- Can now change a file or folder’s name in File Manager and then change it back to what it was originally without an error.
- Taking a screenshot no longer disables the history clock.
- The grab sphere/cube is no longer visible when in the colour picker.
- Tool picker menus that have been detached from their controllers are now visible to users joining in Collab.
- In Collab closing the Online Users menu with the audio input device dropdown open and then reopening the menu no longer causes a gap above the Share button.
- Using the on-controller mute/unmute button in Collab no longer hides and unhides your UI for other users.
- If you are in the viewpoints tool menu when another user joins in Collab you will no longer see their UI incorrectly.
- On standalone Quest the app no longer hangs if entering a Collab room without providing the app audio permissions.
- Can now hover over objects created by another user in Collab to see which layer they belong to, as well as hover over the layer in the UI to see which objects belong to it.


Version 5.5.60 (July 27)

πŸ› Bug Fixes

- The edit mode menu no longer unhides itself when pressing the trigger, undo button or history clock in edit mode.

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