Broken Trigger on Oculus Quest 2 Controller

Josh Humphreys
Josh Humphreys
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Occasionally we come across users experiencing a faulty or intermittent trigger on their Quest 2 controller which stops them from utilising all the features in Gravity Sketch. 

From our experience, it is usually the trigger on the drawing hand controller which demonstrates this problem. You will usually notice it when you are trying to create a surface or adding a point to an object using the trigger, however, it can affect any of the tools which require a trigger pull. 


First Steps

There are a number of steps you can take to resolve the problem, however, in the majority of cases, you will need to get a replacement controller. We will outline the steps to take below: 

1. Check there is nothing obvious obstructing the controller and there is no dirt or debris lodged in the trigger

2. Replace the batteries in the controller 

3. Unpair your controllers and reconnect them to your headset - instructions for doing this can be found here.

4. If none of the above fix the issue then you will need to request a replacement controller directly from the Oculus team.




Requesting a replacement controller

1. Visit the Meta Store Help Page and open up a chat using the black widget in the bottom right hand corner

2. In the chat, select Quest 2 as your product, type in 'broken controller' as your issue and then select 'connect to agent' when prompted and enter your contact details. (usually you will be connected to an agent within 5 minutes) 

3. Once connected, explain that you are having an issue where your controller is not registering trigger pulls consistently. 

4. The agent should then ask you if you have taken the trouble shooting steps we have explained above before offering you a replacement controller. 

5. To process the request you will need the following details 

- Full Name

- Address

- Controller Serial Number (found on the inside of the battery compartment and starting with '1WMH')

- Box serial number (found on the bottom of your Quest 2 Packaging and starting with '1WMR') 

- A retail receipt, invoice or your online Meta Store order number from when you originally purchased the headset. 

6. Once you provide those details the agent will process you replacement. Unfortunately this does mean you have to return the faulty controller first, but the postage is arranged and paid for by Meta. 

If you use your Quest 2 Headset for work and mention this to the agent you will likely be offered an expediated replacement process, but this is at the agents discretion





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