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Elma Kujovic
Elma Kujovic
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Tools library can be found by clicking on the pot symbol with a paintbrush and pen in the top right. This will show a menu of tools you can use to create a sketch.

Low poly setting visualises geometry with minimum polygons. To enable this setting switch the toggle button to the right.


The Ink tool is a drawing and sketching tool that has pressure sensitivity, so if you press hard on your apple pencil, the line gets thicker, and if you release your pressure on the pencil, the line gets thinner. 



The stroke tool is similar to ink, however, the thickness of the stroke does not change with pressure sensitivity.



The Ribbon tool is a great tool to quickly create a surface. When you create a stroke with the ribbon tool, it is made up of pairs of control points that are connected to each other.


Planar Volume

The Planar Volume tool allows you to create a shape to then extrude/ pull out it’s thickness when you enter edit mode. You can also create shapes that cross over each other.



Volume is a tool you can use to make shapes that do not cross over each other. You can manipulate the control points of this shape in edit mode through your different x,y or z axis to create a 3D shape.



The revolve tool enables you to create a shape around an axis (for example you could create a vase with this tool very easily). The axis is defined as a light grey line in the centre of your axis in draw plane camera, or the centre of your screen in free camera mode.



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