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Selection Mode

To select any object in the sketch you will first need to enter the Selection Mode. You can do that by clicking the cursor symbol on the top left side (point A. below). You can then move, transform or edit that selection. You can also enter or exit this mode by double tapping on the screen with one finger.


Selection Mode Options 


A. Select tool: select to enter the Selection Mode. When turned on, you can select and move objects instead of creating them

B. Control Point Edit: select to enable control point selection and manipulation. Learn more about Control points here 

C. Planarity toggle: when turned off, the control points can be moved only across the plane they were created on. Turn it on to move the points outside the plane

D. Duplicate: select to duplicate the selected object

E. Reset Plane: this will move your drawing plane from its current view so that it is set to the same plane the selected stroke was drawn on

F. Delete stroke/control point: click to delete the selected stroke or control point

G. Side Menu: click to open the advanced stroke editing panel. Read more about this menu here 

Select Objects/Control Points

Once in selection mode, you can select single or multiple objects or control points.

To select an individual object select it by clicking on it. 

To select control points you will first need to select the Control Point Edit button. Once the control points appear select an individual point by clicking it. 

Multiselect gesture

Select Box

To select multiple objects or control points click in a blank space, press and drag the cursor across all the objects or control points you want to select. All the objects or control points within the selection box will be selected. 

Animated GIF


Multiselect using the Square button

While in selection mode you can select more than one object or control point by holding the square button on the side and selecting the objects or control points with the cursor. When selected you can move, edit or delete them. 

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