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Elma Kujovic
Elma Kujovic
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In the Side Menu, you can access advanced edit settings of an object.

This Menu will only appear when you are in Selection Mode and an object is selected. 

The side arrow located underneath the trash bin icon will open the Side menu. Here you can access the settings of the selected object. 


The Side menu is available for every tool however some drawing tools will miss some of the settings. 

A. Stroke graph: Here you can change the thickness of the stroke. You can do this by either moving the grey circle through the graph or by sliding the numerical values. This option is available for the Stroke, Ink and Volume tool. 

B. Circle, diamond or square cross-sections: These symbols will change the cross-section of your stroke. This option is available for the Stroke, Ink and Volume tool. 

C. Break mirror: This will break the mirror so you can move the strokes independently of each other.

D. Reset weight: This will reset the weight of the control points if you edited any of them. This button is to the right of the break mirror plane.

E. Unify thickness: This button will unify the thickness of the whole stroke.

F. Caps: This will add caps to the ends of your strokes.

G. Low poly: This will remove the smoothness of your stroke to sharper edges and corners.

H. Mirrored: This will mirror your stroke against the mirror plane.

I. Loop: This closes your stroke into a loop.

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