Color and Material

Elma Kujovic
Elma Kujovic
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Select Color and Material

Color and material can be chosen by clicking the drop icon on the right of the top menu bar.


A. Color: select the color by clicking anywhere on the colour graph and moving the color slider. You can change the Color Selector appearance in Preferences

B. History records the history of the colors that have been used for that sketch. 

C. Material can be chosen by clicking the middle tab in the color menu. You can then select the material out of the options in this menu. You can choose between Basic, Reflective, Toon and Flat. 


D. Swatches can be added in the third tab of this menu. The colors added as swatches can be used across any sketch. You can have up to 70 swatches. 



Change the color of strokes

To change color of the existing strokes first click on the selection button, then select the stroke, go to the color button and select the color. 

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