November 2022

Elma Kujovic
Elma Kujovic
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Version 5.5.72 (November 17)


🚀 Features & Tweaks 

  • You can now terminate point drawing mode in stroke, revolve and volume with the blue button.
  • The mannequin prefabs can now be selected with the pointer to import via the preview panel.
  • Added the ability to import MP4s through the Reference Images menu. Audio can be toggled in the edit menu.
  • Added a Transparency Slider toggle to the Beta menu. This option allows you to set the transparency on objects in the colour wheel, independently from their layer.
  • Added the ability to adjust the roundedness of the cube and soft cube primitive shapes. To do this, enter edit mode on the primitives and adjust the black line around the face of the cube.
  • You can now extrude edges on a subdivision object by grabbing adjacent vertices without grabbing the edges themselves.
  • Added additional creation restrictions to ‘Viewer’ and ‘Reviewer’ licence types.
  • Collab room thumbnails now update automatically whenever a user joins the room for the first time in a session.

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Rigged Chassis panel UI in left-handed mode.
  • Repositioned the warning in the Collab menu about Meta Avatar-compatible devices so that it doesn’t overlap other UI.
  • Removed duplicate objects when merging two different polar symmetrical objects into each other.
  • Fixed locked points on a mirrored subdivision object forgetting which is the original side of the mirror after deleting a vertex.
  • The “Mixed Reality” and “Welcome to LandingPad Collab” tutorial pop-ups no longer display over each other in the lobby if neither have been triggered.
  • Performing a passthrough peek while already in passthrough will disable passthrough mode until the grabber is intersected with the headset.
  • Creating a Collab room from a sketch containing anchored images no longer brings in those images as anchored.
  • Merging two mirrored subdivision objects with points on opposite sides of the mirror now unifies the points on to one side of the mirror.
  • Fixed selecting the Simplified surface option deselecting the Bridge Curves option.

Screen Collab

🚀 Features & Tweaks

  • Added a camera controls menu and a navigation cube.

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Capitalised “Collab” on the post-leave message.
  • Added a default length to the laser pointer before it has intersected with any objects.
  • Fixed very large-scale imports appearing as all-black.
  • Made camera clipping less aggressive in rooms of greatly varying scale.
  • Fixed two quick and drag actions in quick succession acting as a double click.

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