What is LandingPad Orgs

Josh Humphreys
Josh Humphreys
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LandingPad Orgs is the Enterprise cloud platform designed for a seamless workflow from VR to desktop: manage, view and share sketches and 3D files through your browser from any device, anywhere. 

Key Features include: 


- Dedicated organizational file storage, sharing and collaboration space. 

- Spaces for individuals, teams and the entire organization to save and share their files 

- Add, remove and manage the users in your organization 

- Collab (Enterprise): Create Collab rooms to collaborate with your team in real-time in VR

- Bespoke cloud storage packages (Starting at 10GB) 

- Organise and sort files with a comprehensive range of file management features 

- Upload reference images (PNG & JPG) and reference 3D models through the browser to use them in the app

- View and download your sketches, screenshots and models 



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