LandingPad License Roles and Types

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License Roles


Admin users have the ability to control who has access to the organization's LandingPad account, the license and role of each user as well as manage which users are in which Teams. Admin users have full visibility across everything other than files stored in the user's Personal File space.

We recommend restricting the number of Admin users to a minimum and only to those users who need to manage the organization and have full visibility.


Team Admin

Team Admins have the ability to add users to their Team's space. Once added, the user will be able to collaborate with other members of the team and access shared Team files. The Team Admin cannot change individual roles. 

This license level is aimed at users who are managers and team leads in their everyday roles. 



Members can only access files shared in their Organization, any Teams they have been added to and their Personal File space. These users have no control over other users' access. 

We recommend that this is the default permission granted to users when they are invited to your organization. 


License Types 

License roles allow Admins to control which Gravity Sketch products a user can access. Some of your users may not have access to VR headsets or need to create in VR. License Roles allow you to tailor your plan to suit your needs. 

Admins are not able to change license types once the account has been created - please contact a Gravity Sketch employee to request a change. 


A. Creation 

A creation role will give a user full access to all Gravity Sketch products. This role is aimed at users who will be creating and ideating on their work in 3D and have access to a VR headset. These roles will count towards the number of seats you have available in your organization.


B. Coordination

This is an admin role without access to the Gravity Sketch VR or Screen Collab app. This role can be useful for IT administrators or HR teams who need to manage user licenses but have no need to access design tools. This role does not consume a paid seat. Currently, you will need to contact the Gravity Sketch team if you would like to add a user with this license


C. Screen Trial 

These users only have access to LandingPad and our new Screen Collab app. Both these products are 2D screen products and don't need a VR headset to be used. This license is aimed at users who will be reviewing and commenting on designers' work but don't need to actually create anything.  themselves. As this is a trial product, users with this role will not count towards your paid seat usage for the duration of the trial. 


D. GS Trainer

This role applies to anyone who is a Gravity Sketch employee. We will add trainers and consultants to your organisation in order to train your users in the VR Collab rooms. This role type can only be created by the Gravity Sketch team and does consume a paid seat. 



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