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Elma Kujovic
Elma Kujovic
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When logging in with SSO for the first time you'll need to go through a 2-step process. 

  1. Log in to VR with your SSO email
  2. Log in to with SSO through any browser

1. Log in to VR with  your SSO email

You'll only need to go through this process when logging in for the first time. 

Select “Login” when you enter Gravity Sketch VR 


Select “Click here to enter your email” and enter your email address.

Your email will be detected as requiring SSO login and a message prompting you to log in to in a browser will appear. 

2. Log in to with SSO through any browser 

1. Go to on any browser and type in your email, then select Next

2. LandingPad will take you to your SSO provider to log in with your SSO. Select your account to log in. 

Depending on your SSO provider you might need to provide the authentication code from your authorisation app every time you're logging in to the browser.

3. Once you're logged into your account on select “Log in to VR  

4. Go back to your headset. VR should now be logged in and you can start to create and collaborate. 

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