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Elma Kujovic
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To navigate the scene in Screen Collab you can use your mouse and keyboard or use the Camera controls menu where you can also enable the Navigation Cube. 


Centre of the room

By default, the centre pivot point will be the centre of the room, but you can change this easily by double-clicking within the room.


The left click and drag will allow you to pivot. Double left click changes the centre of that pivot point.
Right-click and drag will allow you to pan.
The scroll wheel will zoom you in and out or change the fly speed.



WASD keys:

  • A key will pan you left.
  • D key will pan you right.
  • W and S keys will move you back and forth in the space.

Keyboard arrows:

Use left and right arrows to toggle through viewpoints.

Camera controls

Open the controls by clicking on the cube in the top right corner of the screen. 


A. Camera views: select any of the views on the list to switch from one to another. 

B. Orthographic or perspective: Switch between orthographic and perspective viewpoint. 

C. Camera angle: drag the purple circle to adjust the angle of the camera

D. Show navigation cube: click the empty circle on the right to enable the navigation cube. 

E. Reset: select to reset the camera settings.  


Navigation Cube

Enable the navigation cube in Camera controls menu as shown above (point D). 

Animated GIF


Click and hold the cube then move the cursor around to change the view. 

Snap to the view

Double-click any of the cube's faces to snap to a certain view. 


Move the white circle on the edge to rotate the viewpoint. 


Follow Other User

To follow another user's view, follow these steps:

  1. Select the "Online users" button in the bottom-right menu.
  2. Click the pin button next to the user whose view you want to follow.


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