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With viewpoints, you can navigate through the space easier by switching from one to another without other navigation features. 

Add Viewpoints

To add a new viewpoint select the input box at the bottom, type in the name of the viewpoint and press the enter key on your keyboard.

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Viewpoints will be automatically created when you mark up the scene without first creating a viewpoint. 

Rename viewpoints

You can rename a viewpoint by selecting its name and then typing the new name.

Delete Viewpoints

Select the viewpoint from the viewpoint menu or viewpoints list and select the trash bin icon to delete it. 


Viewpoints List

You can find this list when you hover your cursor right above the drawing tools menu on the left side. An up arrow will appear. Click on the arrow to open the viewpoints list. To select a viewpoint simply left-click it. 

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Annotations will be indicated with a small note icon on every viewpoint thumbnail on the list that contains it.


To move the viewpoints grab and drop them to the preferred place on the list. 

Navigate Viewpoints

You can navigate viewpoints through the viewpoints menu at the bottom of the page or through the viewpoints list. 

Viewpoints Menu

Here you can navigate the viewpoints by selecting the previous (<) or next (>) arrows. This will switch through the viewpoints subsequently as they are listed in the viewpoints list.Animated GIF

Viewpoints List

To switch from one to another viewpoint simply click on them. 

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