February 2023

Elma Kujovic
Elma Kujovic
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Version 5.5.77 (February 6)


🚀 Features & Tweaks 

  • Added a step to the end of the First Sketch experience which will prompt users not logged into LandingPad to email themselves a screenshot of their creation.

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that could frequently cause users to fail to connect to complex Collab rooms.


Version 5.6.0 (February 23)


🚀 Features & Tweaks

  • Added a beta web browser feature. This is currently found in the beta panel and can be used to drag images directly from the web browser into the sketch or watch videos while sketching. 
  • Added a ‘Thin Line Stroke’ option to the stroke tool. Strokes drawn with this option will have a consistent thickness regardless of sketch scale.
  • Can now lock points on ink and strokes to the mirror.
  • Improved the appearance of textures on unenclosed subdivision objects.
  • Added a ‘Startup Preference’ option that allows you to choose whether the app opens to the lobby, a new sketch, or your most recent sketch.
  • Added ‘Gumdrop’ toggle, which changes the shape of the HDR to give the impression of a closer floor. Found in the environments panel when a custom HDR environment is selected.
  • Improved visual feedback in point mode drawing.
  • Added planar mode for ink tool in ribbon shape.
  • Added a ‘Proxy’ setting in options that allows Gravity Sketch to connect to LandingPad using your system’s proxy.
  • Can open the desktop settings menu (to toggle smoothed head camera, external camera etc.) in the main lobby with the Esc key.
  • Improved visuals on Collab avatars.
  • Implemented a warning that prevents incompatible files made in newer versions of Gravity Sketch from being opened in older versions of the app (from this version onward).
  • Added Pico 4 controller models.

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Removed set room thumbnail button on other users’ UI in Collab.
  • Fixed ‘Show UI’ option in screenshot menu only showing some UI.
  • Disallowed viewer and reviewer role users from taking instant screenshots.
  • Fixed text overlap in Collab invite menu for users with long email addresses.
  • Hovering over an image now highlights which layer it belongs to in the layers menu.
  • Disabled mirror option for rigged models.
  • Welded Vertices export option now ignores meshes that were imported into the sketch.
  • Improved text wrapping across the app.
  • Fixed disabling sketch scaling from blocking completion of First Sketch experience.
  • Fixed switching a NURBS or SubD surface to low poly and then switching to Simplified surface causing surface preview to appear low poly.
  • Control points on a subdivision object with an attached thicken/offset arrow can now be snapped to other control points.
  • Disabled external camera maintaining its position when quitting from sketch to lobby.
  • Moved the progress indicator for starting a group edit to the correct position on the controller.
  • Fixed the video tips icon sometimes not displaying when the internet connection is unstable.
  • Clicking ‘Smooth Cube’ in the primitive menu no longer highlights the regular Cube.
  • Can no longer set the wheel thickness value in Rigged Chassis menu to a negative value.
  • Fixed only being able to see other users’ UI in observer mode when holding the grab button.
  • Fixed bad tessellation and subdivision error when converting a looped NURBS or Simplified surface to subdivision via merging.
  • Fixed moving an object to a different user's layer reverting object history for the original owner

Screen Collab

🚀 Features & Tweaks 

  • Added a Layers panel with the following features:
    - Show/hide layer
    - Visibility slider
    - Lock layer
    - Isolate layer
  • Reworked comments system: - UI overhaul - Can now reply in threads - Can now notify users there are new comments on a shared room.
  • Reworked hotkeys.
  • Added the ability to take screenshots.
  • Added the ability to export rooms and files. Supported file formats are:
    - FBX
    - IGES
    - USDZ
    - OBJ
    - GLB
    - MP4
  • Can now press ‘Tab’ to hide/unhide UI.
  • Added the ability to view local sketch files in the Screen app on Windows. To do this launch Gravity Sketch without a VR headset connected and select the “Desktop via Local Storage” option.
  • Added vertex and polygon counts to the settings panel.
  • Can now change the environment settings in a local sketch.

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed view points not displaying their new names after being renamed until the view point menu is opened.
  • Fixed control points sometimes appearing at the wrong scale when following a user in VR.
  • Made trash icon on viewpoint bar only visible when hovering over the viewpoint bar.
  • The mouse cursor icon now correctly reflects what tool you have selected when there is a menu panel open.
  • Fixed a crash on macOS when clicking any button on the "Unable to find a valid deep link” screen.
  • Fixed image import UI not appearing on macOS.
  • Fixed field of view not being changeable until perspective/orthographic view is toggled.
  • Fixed field of view slider not working after leaving a viewpoint.
  • Fixed clicking on the sides of the navigation cube showing an incorrect view.

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