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Elma Kujovic
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Users can become an admin in their Organsation's account from a Gravity Sketch invite or Orgs admin upgrade. Read more about the admin setup and admin rights in the content below. 


Invite from Gravity Sketch

Gravity Sketch will set up the first admin user following written confirmation from the customer. Depending on whether you have a LandingPad account or not, you will receive one of the emails below: 

New User

As a new user, you will receive an email to join and sign up.



Existing User

If you're an existing user, you will receive an email confirming that you have been added to the Organisation as an admin. 



Upgrade Members to Admins

Users who are already part of the organisation can have their license upgraded to Admin by the existing Admin.


To upgrade users from a Member to an Admin role:

1. Go to Members in the Manage section

2. Select the Members tab 

3. Click on the role of the user and select Admin



Admins rights

Admin users have full management rights over the organisations. They: 

- Have full visibility across everything other than files stored in users’ Personal File space.

- Are the only ones who have access to the Manage section where they can access information about the organisation, set 2FA for the whole organisation, access audit logs, and manage members and teams.


- Have the ability to control who has access to the organization’s LandingPad account, at which level of permission, as well as managing which users are in which teams.





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